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Andrea Stettler"Miti specially prepared a bespoke English course for me.

Miti handed me out lots of material about how British people speak. She adapted every day’s course with topical themes such as BREXIT or a text from the Guardian about FIFA.

Incidentally, Miti taught me one imperative thing, always watch for the detail."
Miti does not only teach what is written in books. She makes sure that students learn the real British English."

Andrea Stettler – Specialist in University Library Information & Documentation


Sandra Hamdi“This one week tailored course is the best solution to improve what you have to.
I was touched by the time Miti took to prepare it, to always adapt the following days

It wasn’t just these 6 hours per day. It was all the week, all the time she dedicated on me. I discovered the real England.  Having moments like that help the student to be more comfortable and it is a part of the success.

I was very happy to learn the real English with all the idioms, phrasal verbs, collocations, links words, prepositions. We also studied English poetry and I needed to improve my accent so we had nice tongue twisters moments!

I would love to repeat this week again”

                                                                       Sandra Hamdi - Operations Coordinator – AXA Assistance, France


Akiko Tsuda"I can recommend Miti's course to not only learners but also teachers and teacher trainers of communication/foreign languages.

I really appreciate her teaching style. Miti you are a super teacher!  Very energetic.   I really learned a lot from you.

Thanks a lot, Miti!"

Akiko Tsuda – Associate Professor Med in TESOL, MA/ PhD in Cultural Studies
Nakamura Gakuen University, Japan


Stefania Beretta Piccoli“I am much more confident and achieved all of my goals concerning my studying with Miti.  Her positive attitude and compliments also helped a lot!

I learned that I have the skills needed to be a good high school English teacher and this was mostly a “psychological” barrier to overcome.   I’d definitely recommend Miti as teacher / trainer because she is a very professional and committed teacher as much as an excellent host.

Stefania Beretta Piccoli – English Language Teacher in a Business School, Switzerland 


Thierry Reffray“A very committed teacher.  The course really focused on the core topics of my business.  I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence in speaking. I felt supported.  I’ve also re-gained tracks on how to go on with learning English once back home.

It has been an incredible pleasure to talk in English on change issues with someone who is passionate by them as much as I am. Miti’s work is highly professional”

Thierry Reffray - Executive Business Coach, Paris, France



Frederique Igau Edon“Miti is the best teacher I had! She was able to adapt every day her courses depending of the circumstances as well as my training level and interest and discussion of the day. It was in interactive program, no matter the subject. It was very intense, and she took me out of my comfort zone, in a pleasant and fun way.

Besides being an excellent teacher, Miti outside of “learning’s hours”, provided me availability and made me discover the particularities of his neighborhood and some London’s attractions, I did not know.  I absolutely and warmly recommend her.

Frederique Igau Edon - Market Development Manager, 
Health Insurance Company, France


Jean-Yves Pesant"With 2 weeks of training I appreciated the engagement and the quality of courses given by Miti. For all subjects, vocabularies, listening, grammar, idioms, phrasal words and verbs she was able to find interesting texts and articles we used for interactive and open discussion.

Out of those formal courses I was really happy to have lot of interesting society discussion which took place either at lunch, dinner or during, sightseeing visit in London and Richmond.

Miti’s training gave me huge motivation to improve my English. I learnt many topics and I need right now to finalise my learning with personnel investment and daily practise of what I learnt."

Jean-Yves Pesant  - Manager at DXC Technology (Formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Toulouse, France


Laurent Crozet“I feel much more confident to speak now while I avoided speaking before my stay. My vocabulary is much richer and I use expressions appropriate to the topics discussed.

Miti is a great teacher because she is able to readjust the program at any time for the greatest benefit of the candidate.

Outside the class, she is a very interesting, very cultured person who knows and loves to take you discovering London its culture, its historical, cultural and parks. She is a very good tour guide, she also knows very good restaurants and if you are lucky, she will take you to her club in center of London (we eat very well and the atmosphere is very quiet).

I recommend Miti to anyone who wants to boost their language skills in a very professional context but also very British cultural area.

Laurent Crozet - Former Head of Facilities Management for Global Company, France – seeking next professional opportunity in new career


Flavia Cozza“I decided to attend this course in order to achieve a good mark in the IELTS test.  During the 3 week course I improved significantly.

 I feel more confident in every field. To begin with the ability to structure my ideas and opinions in a writing task.  Moreover, I had an unbelievable progress in the pronunciation.  All these skills will give me the chance to achieve my goal.  I found this course very valuable.

We did many activities together during these three weeks: we went in Richmond Park, in Central London, in Chelsea and last but not least in many bars and restaurants. I was totally surprised by Miti’s ability to choose the places I loved the most. To conclude, thanks to this course I would definitely come back as soon as possible in this fascinating city.

I spent three magical weeks thanks to Miti and I will hardly forget this experience of life.

Flavia Cozza – Italian University student preparing for IELTS exam to gain a place on the European Erasmus Programme