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The Innovative Communicator: Putting the soul back into business communication

Every business needs an Innovative Communicator

  • Are you craving relief from pin numbers, passwords and soulless voice-activated messages?
  • Is communication with people in your workplace an uphill struggle in spite of all you have tried?
  • Do you fear that the heart and soul of your business is evaporating?
  • Is all this impacting staff morale and bottom line profits?

The Innovative Communicator: Putting the soul back into business communication

Good human communication is more important than ever in a business world where technology and process have come to dominate at the expense of bringing out the best in people. Work colleagues respect and respond well to clear, honest communication they can trust. At the heart of that communication there needs to be a genuine focus on integrity and humanity.

You may think good communication is best left to the experts, but nothing could be further from the truth.

This book introduces the Innovative Communicator, who puts the soul and heart back into business communication to deliver happy staff, happy customers and more profits. The Innovative Communicator is able to build deep relationships, get their team on board, plan powerful communication strategies, whilst courageously pushing their own boundaries, having the capacity for great empathy and the skills to get tough with heart when necessary.

Start becoming an Innovative Communicator today.

See and feel the difference!






Mike Harris

“An inspiring and practical guide to really effective people –communication in a modern business climate crying out for it”

Mike Harris – Founding CEO of First Direct and Egg Banking plc, founding Executive Chairman at Garlick and ex CEO of Mercury Communications


Mike Symes

“This book puts the heart and soul back into business. Miti Ampoma combines her deep experience with fresh insight and inspirational thinking in a communications masterclass that focuses us all on our most valuable asset, at the heart of everything we do - our people.”

Mike Symes – Chief Executive, Financial Marketing Limited



“Articulate and incisively written with compelling stories and practical ways for us to achieve better communication skills so our businesses excel."

Daniel Priestley – Author,  Become A Key Person Of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution, Oversubcribed and 24 Assets Named as a top advisor to business in the UK in 2018 by Enterprise Nation

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