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General English

Intensive English immersion

The course covers speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and naturally includes vocabulary and grammar. The main emphasis is on practical communication to build your vocabulary and help to develop fluency and confidence. With our small class sizes you receive the personal attention you need from your teacher. You also get lots of opportunity to practice speaking English through discussions, debates and conversational activities such as role-play and pair-work.

Conversation and Pronunciation

The course will develop and improve your ability to speak and communicate with confidence in English. It is ideal for students who want conversation practice and for those who want to improve their English pronunciation and accent.  The course focus is on building vocabulary including idioms, phrasal verbs and common expressions as well as learning strategies for building confidence in conversation and improving pronunciation.

Communication Skills

The course provides you with the opportunity to understand and practice effective communication.

You will look at the challenges you face in being a more effective communicator and a variety of techniques to help you improve.  Subjects include Seeing Things From Other Points of View, Understanding Your Own Strengths, Increasing Confidence And Dealing With Difficult People or Situations. This course is for anyone who is required to demonstrate a good level of communication skills in their day to day work.

An example of a General English course timetable







Arrival  & Settle in at Warren House

Meet your Teacher

Dinner at Warren House & meet  your Teacher and other students - your new friends


Needs Analysis, Assessment

Course Design

Grammar Review

Presentation Preparation

Discover the local area with your Teacher

3 course dinner at Warren House & Relax  with your Teacher and new friends

Private Study


Vocabulary & Grammar

Improving Writing Skills

Linking Words

Visit with your Teacher to a London museum or cultural arts centre

Dinner & Relax with your Teacher and new friends  at English restaurant or British Pub     

Private Study


Speaking Skills

Presentation delivery


Accent  and Fluency Focus

Writing Skills using target Grammar &  Vocabulary learnt

Free Time in the Local Area

3 course dinner at Warren House & Relax  with your Teacher and new friends

Evening  Garden Walk 

Private Study


Comprehension Listening and Speaking Skills


Giving opinions

Excursion with your Teacher to local English Country Park with historic English House or Local Castle

3 course dinner at Warren House & Relax  with your Teacher and new friends

Private Study


Speaking  & Conversation

Question & Answer Session

Active Role Plays

Focus on Authentic Reading – Newspapers & Magazines.  Focus on new Vocabulary, Phrases and the English We Speak

3 course dinner at Warren House & Relax  with your Teacher and new friends

Discussion Session


One Week Course

Morning Departure

Two Week Course Morning  Relaxation  

Two Week Course

Excursion day with your Teacher: City Visit and Shopping

Dinner at exclusive English Private Members Club in London  with your Teacher and new friends


Training Venue 

Training takes place at the charming and historic Warren House Conference Centre in South West London and is conveniently near Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal Parks. Richmond Park is of national and international importance for wildlife conservation including its celebrated deer. Here you'll be able to experience the awe inspiring beauty of one of the world's most famous natural reserves, as you reward yourself with some well-earned downtime during your stay with us.

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