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The Innovative Communicator Masterclass Workshop

‘Putting the HEART and SOUL back into business’

What will the workshop give you?

  • You will be able to define the meaning of an Innovative Communicator
  • You will explore the meaning of the authentic self and how to lead with integrity
  • You will develop an understanding of how to win hearts and minds
  • You will participate in discussions around commercial awareness and business strategies

Recognise this?

  • Is communication with some stakeholders proving challenging despite all your best efforts?
  • Are you worried and frustrated by your lack of effective communication skills in the English (whether you are a native speaker or have English as an additional language) and the impact it is having or could have on your business performance or career progression?
  • Are your people at work dealing with lots of change, pressure to perform, business goals and targets they need to understand and meet?
  • Do your people seem disengaged or disaffected within your business? Is this affecting business performance and profits?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, then The Innovative Communicator Masterclass Workshop is for you.

This one-day interactive ‘taster’ session will explore some of the key concepts covered in the master Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme (ICAP). It will provide you with an amazing insight into the world of an Innovative Communicator.

You will have an opportunity to listen, participate, question and explore using a variety of learning styles and approaches.

Date July / August 2018

Time: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm

Venue: Warren House, Near Richmond Park, Warren Road, Kingston Upon Thames KTQ 7HY

Catering: Refreshments & lunch provided

Facilitators: Miti Ampoma & Nevin Eminsoy

Cost £1000.00 + VAT





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