Miti’s 12 top tips for effective communication

Sarah Russell

Do you want to improve how you communicate to help grow your business?

Our 12 top tips for effective communication help you understand what to do and why.

1. Be honest.

2. Be clear and specific.

3. Use plain language wherever you can.

4. Speak to people as people. Avoid unnecessary jargon and ‘corporate speak’.

5. Be consistent – keep in touch.

6. Be authentic – reflect your business and who you are.

7. Remember, selling is about good quality communication and finding genuine connection.

8. If you say you’ll pass on a referral, follow-up and do it. Don’t forget because you got busy or you’ll be remembered for being unreliable.

9. Prioritise people over process and technology.

10. Quality communication develops relationships, shared understanding and valuable connections. It’s the driver you need to create and maintain a successful and sustainable business.

11. Invest in the quality of your communication skills and those skills will look after your quality referrals, follow-ups and conversations – and ultimately your profits.

12. In summary, great communication means great business.

“At the heart of all effective communication lies a focus on integrity and humanity.”
Miti Ampoma

You can download Miti’s 12 top tips for effective communication here.