About Miticom®

“The soul has been stripped out of the way the business world communicates and it desperately needs putting back. Powerful communication between people plays a critical role in a company’s bottom line. It is not a soft skill, a nice to have or a fluffy optional extra. It’s a necessity. Without it, you’re toast.”Miti Ampoma

Now, more than at any other time in history, if you want to succeed as a business leader you must put human relationships at the heart of all you do. Your personal and professional success depend on it. When you have a genuine focus on integrity and humanity across all your communication you can reap rich rewards.

We’ll show you how.

Communication: a hard or soft skill?

Many people class effective communication as a soft skill. However, there’s nothing soft about the ability to communicate in a way that inspires others and leads change. That develops consensus and shared understanding. That creates and maintains valuable connections. And that, as a result of all this, drives consistent and sustainable improvements in performance.

We call people who can do this Innovative Communicators. Every leader or prospective leader should make sure they have the English language and communication skills to become one.

Technology: friend or foe?

Advances in technology are driving globalisation. So it’s ironic that while we’re more connected than ever, we’re much less connected to each other.

Priority has changed from people, process, technology to technology, process, people. For example, more and more people are choosing to communicate by email or messaging service rather than have a conversation face-to-face or over the telephone.

Yet, we’re built for human relationships. They make us feel valued, help us flourish and feed our success. The most successful leaders recognise this and help their staff connect by using technology to support human relationships, rather than prevent them.

“In our endless pursuit of technology, will we ultimately decry the need and purpose of being human? Will we fail in our duty to ourselves as a species?”Miti Ampoma

Our approach

We’re not language tutors. We’re communication and influence specialists who will help you drive global business change. Crucially, we’ll show you how to use the positive power of communication to generate lasting success with integrity and humanity.

Our vision is to create a world full of game-changing communicators who lead financially and ethically successful businesses. And who lead a movement that will put the soul back into business communication.

To help us realise our vision, we’ve created a series of workshops, programmes and talks. Through them we get to the heart of how communication works and why it matters that we do it well. We’ll help you develop lasting practical skills as well as a deeper understanding of your own beliefs, motivations and values.

Our expert training team have worked with hundreds of people and a broad spectrum of leading companies such as Lloyds, HBOS and Railtrack (Network Rail). We’ve helped individuals realise the career they dreamed of. And we’ve helped businesses manage change, drive performance and create sustainable financial growth.

We can help you too.

“Miti did a great job for us in leading the communication of a major change programme. She took time to understand the business and came up with creative ideas in how we fully engaged everyone in the change. She is very hard working, really good at building relationships, completely honest and open and always delivered on time”Rob Olorenshaw, when he was Customer Service Director for HBOS Financial Services.