ICAP for Next-Generation Leaders

“Pushing your own boundaries to stretch beyond your comfort zone is vital for the development and growth of your communication skills. Do what you can, a step at a time.”Miti Ampoma

Who this course is for

ICAP for Next-Generation Leaders (NEGL) is for young people who aspire to be the business leaders of the future and who know that to do this they need to have outstanding communication skills.

You’re ambitious, confident and keen to be in a position of leadership. You embrace technology but understand the need to balance this with genuine, human connection. While you respect those who’ve gone before you, you’re hungry to create change in how business is run on a global scale.

ICAP NEGL will help you develop the communication and leadership skills you need to realise your ambitions.

It’s not for the faint-hearted though. To succeed, you need to commit to the full course and have a willingness to work hard.

To benefit from ICAP NEGL you should either be a native English speaker or have English language skills at Upper Intermediate level or above*. If you need to improve your English skills before you take part, we run bespoke English Immersion courses.

*Language skills defined by The Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)

What to expect

ICAP for NEGL runs as a one-week residential course.

Throughout the course we’ll challenge your assumptions, explore your personal values and ask you to consider your own learning, experience and ability.

We explore what we mean by the authentic me. We define what it means to be an innovative communicator. And we discuss the current global business landscape and the impact it has on you as a next-generation leader.

Once you’ve completed the programme you’ll be an Innovative Communicator, with all the advantages this brings.

You’ll be able to push your own boundaries.

You’ll be able to communicate in a way that develops meaningful relationships and builds a loyal team.

And you’ll be at the heart of a movement that is putting humanity, integrity and soul back into business.

We plan each course around the needs of the participants and our pricing reflects this. Therefore please contact us for more information about the dates and cost of your course.