ICAP Two-Hour Workshop

“Every business needs innovative communicators.”Miti Ampoma

Who this workshop is for

This workshop introduces our Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme (ICAP). The workshop is for individuals and teams who would like to find out how ICAP can help them improve their communication and leadership skills.

To get the most benefit from the workshop you should either be a native English speaker or have English language skills at Upper Intermediate level or above*. If you need to improve your English skills before you can take part, we run bespoke English Immersion courses.

*Language skills defined by The Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)

What to expect

The workshop explores some of the key concepts covered in ICAP to give you an insight into the world of an Innovative Communicator.

We’ll look at what it means to be an Innovative Communicator, explore the meaning of the authentic self and examine how, when you lead with integrity, you’re more likely to win hearts and minds. We’ll also discuss the impact innovative communication has on realising a successful business strategy.

By the end you’ll have a clear understanding of what it means to be an Innovative Communicator and how our full programme can help you transform your communication and leaderships skills.

If you’d like to arrange a bespoke workshop contact us.