English for Business

“I can recommend Miti’s course to not only learners but also teachers and trainers of communication and foreign languages. All of my students are going to be dietitians and I’m teaching EFL, intercultural communication and coordinating a study tour to the U.K. Thanks to the fieldwork with Miti in various supermarkets, I could design a better study tour. Miti you are a super teacher! Very energetic. I really learned a lot from you.”Akiko Tsuda, Associate Professor Med in TESOL, MA/ PhD in Cultural Studies Nakamura Gakuen University, Japan

Who this course is for

If English isn’t your native language, but in your career you’re expected to communicate as if it is, we can help.

Our English for Business course is for people who are not native English speakers and who would like to improve their English language skills so they can grow their business and progress in their career.

We can help you develop your technical English and create a rich vocabulary of words and phrases relevant to your industry. For example, we’ve worked with clients in finance, construction, insurance, IT, and health.

What to expect

The course is suitable for individuals or small groups. We tailor each one to suit the needs of every participant.

The course runs for 20 hours over one week. It is made up of three modules:

Business English

This module will help you improve both your language and communication skills. It will help you improve your business vocabulary and give you the practical skills you need to communicate with confidence in English at work.

Presentation Skills

This module covers: how to use persuasive language and power words to connect with your audience; how to write an attention-grabbing 30-second opening; how to view your presentation through your audience’s eyes; and how to close your presentation to gain audience commitment, support and action.

By the end you’ll be able to present in the English language with confidence, whether you’re presenting your own proposal or report or delivering a difficult message.

Negotiating Skills

This module will give you the language you need to manage the typical scenarios that are part of any successful negotiation.

The topics we cover include: the importance of thorough preparation; effective negotiation strategies; the different rounds of negotiation; detailed offers and counter-offers; and how to resolve differences and reach a successful conclusion.

By the end you’ll have increased both your negotiation skills and vocabulary and be able to negotiate in English with confidence.

Throughout the course we look at authentic texts on subjects such as best practice and provide plenty of opportunities for reflection, discussion, role play and conversational activities.

We use a variety of teaching methods with a focus on group interaction supported by individual coaching. And because we always work with small groups, you can be sure your teacher will give you the personal attention you need. You’ll find it’s hard work but great fun.

As the course is an immersion course, we encourage you to choose the residential option. This will give you extra time to practice your English language skills. It will also give you the opportunity to learn from and network with the other course participants.

We include cultural tours as standard on all our English language residential courses. This is because we believe you can only learn to communicate like a native English speaker when you combine language training with an understanding of the culture behind the language.

If you would rather, you can arrange your own accommodation. You can still take part in the cultural tours although we will need to charge an additional fee to cover their cost.