Staying Alive UK podcast

Michael de Groot is a storyteller. Through his Staying Alive UK podcast he invites business owners to inspire others through their stories. Miti was thrilled when Michael asked her to share her... more


ICAP for Women in Leadership

Our founder and director, Miti Ampoma, attended the WES MENA summit in Dubai this week. The summit provides women entrepreneurs from across the Middle East and North Africa with an opportunity to... more


The Next 100 Days podcast

Kevin Appleby and Graham Arrowsmith, hosts of the Next 100 Days podcast, believe that you can only create lasting change when you focus on a specific thing for 100 days. Miti was delighted to join... more


The WES MENA Summit, Dubai, April 2019

Miti Ampoma spoke at the Women in Entrepreneurship (WES MENA) summit in Dubai. She also  delivered a Miticom Masterclass for women leading the drive in entrepreneurship across the Middle East and... more


Talk Radio interview

Talk Radio offers ‘irreverent takes on current news and presenters who aren’t afraid to let you know what they think.’ Miti joined Talk Radio host Penny Smith recently to give her advice on how... more


The Stakeholder Conference, Dubai, January 2019

Miti Ampoma was a guest speaker at The Hospitality Network’s successful Stakeholder Conference in Dubai in January 2019. It was a wonderful opportunity for her to promote our work helping business... more