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The Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme  

  • Is communication with international work colleagues difficult despite all your best efforts?
  • Are you worried and frustrated by the effect your lack of effective communication skills in the English language is having on your business performance or career progression?
  • Are your people at work dealing with lots of change, pressure to perform, business goals and targets they need to understand and meet?
  • Do your people seem disengaged or disaffected within your business? Is this affecting business performance and profits?
  • Is effective communication in your workplace an uphill struggle, despite email overdose, endless meetings and endless conference calls?
  • Is lack of effective communication resulting in chaos and confusion for your employees and customers?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, then The Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme is for you.

The Programme – a professional communication skills growth accelerator

This is a three part modular based communication skills accelerator programme. Each module is self-contained and you can upgrade to the two additional modules to keep building on and improve your communication skills further.  We’ll adapt the sequence and coverage of specific topics to the needs of the group. You’ll learn to design, create and deliver communication breakthrough results for yourself and your organisation, that consistently delivers happier employees, happier customers and more profits.  You’ll learn how to become an Innovative Communicator to acquire effective human communication skills which are more important than ever, in a business world where technology and process have come to dominate at the expense of bringing out the best in people. The programme facilitates your development and understanding to fully utilise the cultural context of the language effectively, so you can work and perform at your best with confidence, impact and presence.

Learning to become an Innovative Communicator ensures that technology and process supports - rather than hinders or disrupts - people and the human spirit, to build great teams and great businesses through powerful effective communication.  

On the programme you will discover how to:

  • Build deep meaningful relationships that make a difference
  • Get your team on board
  • Plan powerful communication strategies that drive business performance
  • Courageously push your own boundaries
  • Have the capacity for empathy, with the right skills to get tough with heart when necessary
  • Use your effective communication skills as the key to winning business (and avoid the pitfalls of losing business)

The Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme successfully integrates the very best of traditional face to face communication – so critical for human relationships – with the relevance, power and reach of the digital age - to create people centred communication that is fit for the modern business climate.


The Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme


Work colleagues respect and respond well to clear, honest communication they can trust.  At the heart of that communication is a genuine focus on integrity, humanity and cultural diversity.

  • Let communication between you and your people drive business performance and increase profits
  • Help your people to understand your goals and work as a team to provide solutions
  • Leave your people feeling inspired, motivated and empowered
  • Remember, great communication means great business



The Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme is based on the principles of the book: The Innovative Communicator – putting the soul back into business communication, by author Miti Ampoma.


An example of The Innovative Communicator Accelerator course timetable







Arrival  & Settle in at Warren House

Meet your Trainers

Dinner at Warren House & meet  your trainers and other delegates - introductions


Module 1
Exploring the 'authentic' me

Define the meaning of an Innovative Communicator

Discuss the current global landscape and the impact it has on business

3 course dinner at Warren House & relax  with your trainers and new friends

Private study


Explore the importance of self-awareness and the impact of psychometrics Examine varying relationships and influencing styles

Dinner & relax with your trainers and new friends  at English restaurant or British Pub     

Private study


Module 2
Leading with influence and integrity

Engage in winning hearts and minds

Develop an awareness of working styles within teams

Inspire others through authentic leadership

3 course dinner at Warren House & relax  with your trainers and new friends

Evening  garden walk 

Private study


Module 3
Driving commercial advantage

Measure and evaluate ‘Return On Investment’

Implement a personal and business strategy

3 course dinner at Warren House & relax with your trainers and new friends

Private study


Participate in an interactive case study Reflect and build a personal ongoing action plan

3 course dinner at Warren House & relax with your trainers and new friends

Discussion forum

Pre-course work includes:

  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI)*
  • Reading in-between modules
  • Self-reflection and learning log

*MBTI is an introspective self-report questionnaire with the purpose of indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. The MBTI was constructed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers.

Who can benefit from ICAP?

The Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme is suitable for students who have English language competency skills of Upper-Intermediate level and above.

If you wish to take this programme but need to improve your language skills as a pre-requisite, you can first learn with us on one of our English language courses and improve your language skills to reach the upper-intermediate level required.

Please contact us for more information about applying for a place on The Innovative Communicator Accelerator Programme.

Training Venue 

Training takes place at the charming and historic Warren House Conference Centre in South West London and is conveniently near Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal Parks. Richmond Park is of national and international importance for wildlife conservation including its celebrated deer. Here you'll be able to experience the awe inspiring beauty of one of the world's most famous natural reserves, as you reward yourself with some well-earned downtime during your stay with us.

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