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Professional & Business

Business English

The course gives you the practical skills to be successful in communicating in English at work.

It is ideal for students who wish to develop their English in a business context and improve their business vocabulary.  Students have the option of a General Business English course or a target work related course with the focus on developing specific skills such as presentation and negotiating. The course will also suit students who use English in a corporate environment.  Your teacher has a strong background in corporate life and so draws on her significant business experience to ensure lessons are relevant and centred on your needs.

Presentation Skills

The course is perfect if you need to confidently present your ideas, plans and recommendations or present a difficult message to your colleagues, employees or boss.  It is a highly interactive course which will equip you with the skills and techniques to maximise your impact and effectiveness as a presenter. Topics include how to use persuasive language and powerful words to create curiosity and receptiveness in your audience, how to write your short 30 seconds powerful opening that captures audience attention, how to view your presentation through your audience’s eyes and identify gaps to provide clarity and how to close your presentation to gain audience commitment, support and action.


The course is designed for intermediate and upper intermediate learners of English who wish to improve their Management vocabulary and skills - and perhaps their knowledge of management too.   It is ideal for those already working in a management role or those who aspire to such a position.  The course is also suitable for people preparing to start studying for an MBA programme or a master’s level course in management.  The course covers the key areas of management including management in context, innovation, operations, people and human resources, finance and strategy and change.

Marketing & Public Relations

The course is designed for marketing and public relations (PR) professionals who wish to learn and expand their vocabulary and expressions required to speak in these business specific fields in English. The course covers presentation techniques fluency and pronunciation with a Marketing and Public Relations focus.  It will also help Marketing and PR students preparing for their first contact with English speakers or studying for exams in English. The course is suitable for learners who have reached an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English.

Events Management / Corporate Hospitality

The course is for people who are in or are interested in the hospitality industry.  It is highly suitable for hotel staff and event management companies who want to provide a customer focused service in English. The course covers areas such as British etiquette, vocabulary, appropriate tone and style, diplomatic skills and manners in English for providing polite, well-trained, professional staff, from waiters to bar staff and front of house managers. Course case studies include British industry training standards used in iconic British world class events such as Royal Ascot.  

Negotiating Skills

The course is for people who need to regularly negotiate in English at work.  It provides you with the language needed to handle and cope with the typical scenarios encountered on the way to successful negotiations.  Course subjects include the importance of preparing thoroughly to negotiate, negotiation rounds, detailed offers and counter-offers, resolving differences and reaching a successful conclusion. Vocabulary, commonly used idioms and tips on employing effective strategies and techniques are a key part of the course.  Authentic texts on themes such as best practice provide opportunities for plenty of reflection, discussion, role play and conversational activities.  

English for Finance

The course is designed to help intermediate and upper-intermediate learners of business English to improve their financial vocabulary – and perhaps their knowledge of finance. It is for people studying English before they start work as well as for those already working who need English in their job.  The course covers four key areas of finance: accounting, banking, corporate finance, economics and trade.  Additionally this course is beneficial for students who are preparing for the Cambridge International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE).

Legal English

The course is designed specifically for law professionals. The course has a large focus on legal vocabulary and phrases as well as practical speaking practice in legal and law situations. The course is also for students of law who wish to develop their knowledge of legal English vocabulary to assist their legal studies.  It will help business professionals who wish to extend their legal English vocabulary for commercial agreements and transactions.  The course is suitable for learners who have reached an upper intermediate or advanced level of English.

Train the Trainer

The course is designed for professionals who are required to teach, train or coach other people in their own area of expertise in English. The Train the Trainer course will improve your vocabulary, teaching and communication skills in your business specific area. The course objectives include subjects such as adapting your style and material to suit the situation, handling your participant’s anxieties and nervousness and making learning and development exciting and creative.  The course is suitable for learners who have reached an upper-intermediate or advanced level of English.  

An example of a Professional & Business course timetable







Arrival  & Settle in at Warren House

Meet your Teacher

Dinner at Warren House & meet your Teacher and other  students - your new friends


Business Needs Analysis, Assessment  & Course Design

Grammar & Business Vocabulary Review

Attend local business  chamber of commerce event  with your Teacher

3 course dinner at Warren House & Relax with your Teacher and new friends

Private Study


Negotiating Skills: Sounding more diplomatic

Expressions & Phrases for negotiating

Language of Delegating

Visit with your Teacher to a London museum or cultural arts centre

Dinner & Relax with your Teacher and new friends  at English restaurant or British Pub   

Private Study      


Business Meetings: Keeping Track

Querying information

Clearing up business misunderstandings

Business Networking & Corporate Small Talk: Phrases and Vocabulary 

3 course dinner at Warren House & Relax with your Teacher and new friends. 

Evening Garden Walk

Private Study


Business Presenting Skills

Pronunciation, Accent  and Fluency focus

Writing Professional Emails

Excursion with your Teacher : Boat Cruise Tour followed by English Afternoon Cream Tea

3 course dinner at Warren House & Relax with your Teacher and new friends

Private Study


Speaking  & Conversation:

Dealing with difficult clients

Difficult work situations

Active Role Plays

Business: Problem Solving Skills 

Speaking Role Plays and Weekly Review

3 course dinner at Warren House & Relax  with your Teacher and new friends

Discussion Forum


One Week Course  Morning Departure

Two Week Course Morning  Relaxation  

Two Week Course

Excursion day with your Teacher: City Visit and Shopping

Dinner at exclusive English Private Members Club in London  with your Teacher and new friends

Training Venue 

Training takes place at the charming and historic Warren House Conference Centre in South West London and is conveniently near Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal Parks. Richmond Park is of national and international importance for wildlife conservation including its celebrated deer. Here you'll be able to experience the awe inspiring beauty of one of the world's most famous natural reserves, as you reward yourself with some well-earned downtime during your stay with us.

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